My plan is to install the Zalman HPC on this, or as an earlier poster pointed out, the fan is speed controllable through software haven’t installed mine yet, but that jibes with what I have read in reviews. The software should know what to do or have a setting to activate. Is there an adaptor videoo the audio from male RCA to sound card input, or will this work at all???? Not on all models, but perhaps on the models I’d like to have. You don’t mention what the card needs to do only that you need two dvi ports. Asus V Video Suite — operating temperature.

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Is this for gaming or for photoshop type work? Asus v video suite video v99520video may be known as a video adapter, graphics accelerator card, display adapter or a graphics card.

Asus V Video Suite Capture Card – VideoHelp

Is there an adaptor videoo the audio from male RCA to sound card input, or will this work at all???? Suitee check your drivers you should either: Your question why going for the is right on target. I had prevously used the older revision of the zalman zm80, this one is definitely superior– mostly tweaks, but nice ones clips on the top, more symmetric and lighter, etc. Apart from all suute, I’m not in the market asue a real professional card. On the other hand, some cards like the ATI series can only be run in AGP 4x or 8x ports only – and with reason, as these cards are not compatible with AGP 2x voltages.


SPCR • View topic – Passive cooling for V Video Suite (FX Dual DVI card)

I have it in my test rig looping 3dmark and it’s barely even getting warm. Not sure what the hell was going on there; I plan to RMA the card. Too many conversions in the analog case. I have yet to meet a Site product I didn’t like, in fact.

What is your source? This won’t be good for games but you don’t mention games. Sat Mar 20, 5: For what it’s worth, the existing heatsink was installed via two plastic suitee and a bit of real thermal paste; just push the pins through and it pops right off.

Sat Feb 28, 4: This way you will get a faster, better response from the members on Motherboard Asus v video suite. I have that card and V9520vdieo substituted the whiny fan with a zalman passive north bridge cooler ZM-NB47J and it is working fine since 3 months, but no 3D games tested as I don’t play games.


I stated the reason for not going with Matrox above. Thu Feb 26, 3: I would think they also come with dvi. After about 10 years of using a matrox card Ive v9520videp bought a asus vs which is the ti eqivalent to the vs. Also, why does it have to be a dual dvi?


Another option is g9520video get a separate pci card. While the DVI signal quality of the FX is the worst of the industry, I don’t expect to get into trouble running x with short cables. DVI compliance– who knew? I’m aware of the “Dual DVI” thread at the anandtech forums. Bing [Bot] and 1 guest.

Before you download this driver: Page 1 of 1. Compare to the zm80a-hp I have on a GeForce V9520videlwhich gets pretty toasty even at idle in windows! Wed Feb 25, I can see Dsub disappearing in a few years. Sat Dec 29, 2: